Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't think like that! (X)

Since I made this blog and decided to make it all about experiences and what I learned or thought about, I had to think of everything as material to write about even my bad habits and wrong ways of thinking ,when setting with myself and critiquing my ways lots of things become more clear so I change what I think it’s the reason why I didn't get what I want,
So I wrote some "Phrases" I used to say in my mind but then I found out how wrong and defeated they are!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What did 20!! Teach me

I loved 2011 because I got so much memories, challenges and lessons from it and I wasn’t only by watching but it was mostly because I acted out this time.

This year taught me that "Hoping" and being positive isn't enough if you did nothing to make it happen, maybe we all know this but are we really acting like this? It's like when we try to take the wheel and make the choices, it's harder than it's look but it sure worth it.

And by that I mean so many things like:

-Trying to make our "chances" by removing the limits, taking shots in anything you're able to do.

-Speaking up: we have so many great people in this planet but we only know about those who spoke up and showed us what they could do and now this is easier more than ever to show what you got by blogging, youtubing…etc!

-  Life is too short so, do not wait for things unless it was worth the patience! And the time, energy or anything else you got today you might lose tomorrow! That's why always do everything right away as long as you could!

-Love people but only count on yourself, people shouldn’t care about your dreams and goals more than you do or it wouldn't be totally yours!, that’s why don’t wait for them to help or to take the first step for you!

-Out of your comfort zone is where you're going to learn something different and unforgettable! So don’t be afraid when doing totally new things and think of them like new chances and opportunities to learn, discover and GROW.

-Have fun as well!, you surly deserve to have fun especially if you worked really hard which is going to make it seem more amazing, never let go of the fun person inside of you cause its important as being serious! Just don't overdo it ;)
Finally I wish you a Happy new year and I hope it's going be even greater than 2011 and that's what's I'm going to achieve this year!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Like a piece of cake!

Marketing is fun because you get to use these glamorous ways to make people see whatever you're offering, it's kind of art actually when you use your creativity and brain to take people's attention
So I thought of writing about what attract me and sometimes become the reason why I like it!

-The right Colors: all colors are beautiful if they were used in the right thing! Personally that's the first thing captures me and lots of other people too, be smart when choosing a color and how you put them together cause it always matter. Colors talk to people so use that to connect with them, but stay away from putting too much color in a way that hurt their eyes or makes them feel grumpy because of it!

Friday, December 2, 2011

My First job!

Last week was my first weak in my first at my first job! Which is customer services in a big facility in the diplomatic Quarter that include so many different things like (sports, fitness, salon, the British council, French..etc)
At first it was awkward and I was kind of nervous but at the end of the day I liked it very much because I knew it's going to give me what I came for! which was:

Monday, November 28, 2011

new section!!

I've decided to start a new section on this blog which is going to be about "ME", yea it's your lucky day right ;) JK

anyways you don't need to worry I'm not going to make it look like a dairy or something cause god that's boring!

 What I'm going to talk about is any useful situation I've been through or any experience I had , college ,career and practical life

and I'm going to call it" The lovely evil life"

So,I hope you like it and get some lessons from it if you want and I also would like you to share your own experiences or comment on anything related.
Have a good time ^^

Monday, November 21, 2011

what makes them special P.2:

These are more traits that I see Entrepreneurs and great people have and do.

*Reading people:

When a person have this talent where they know how people think ,What they REALY want and how they are going to react to new things that's a big deal in business world and companies around the world they always try to predict people and give them what they need and sometime they succeed other times they don't!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What makes them special P.1

So, I thought of couple of traits or "habits" that I noticed Entrepreneurs usually have them or do them and in my opinion these things are what made them that way.